Wednesday, January 13, 2016

India Design Pavillion in Milan |Award-winning healthcare design for children| Breaking taboos with contemporary design| Saluting Le Corbusier and more


Team IAnD is humbled at the response we’ve received to our international baby steps with participation in the London Design Festivals. This has strengthened our resolve and we begin the New Year aspiring for ‘India Design Pavillion – Edition One’ during the Milan Design Week - Apr. 12-17, 2016!

We invite applications from the large Indian talent pool of architects, designers, design houses and design makers to participate in this renowned international platform and show the world what Indian design prowess is all about.

Do visit our link for complete information on participation. Comprehensive FAQs have been prepared to answer several common queries. And of course, feel free to contact our event coordinator for any additional info.

Our stories this week veer from being intriguing to awe-inspiring and a special mention here – is the children’s hospital by Tinker Design, Miki Agarwal’s socio- environment and women empowerment products, the conceptual design for Le Corbusier’s envisaged Museum of Knowledge amongst others.

Enjoy your read. And send in your participations at the earliest to avail the best all-round packages!

Savitha Hira
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IAnD Exclusive
Calling Applications for Milan Design Week 2016
India Art n Design(dot)com – The Creatives’ Weekly Infotainer on Art, Design & Architecture invites applications for the India Design Pavillion Milan - Edition One at the Milan Design Week 2016 from 12th to 17th April.
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  Chandigarh's "Museum of Knowledge" Saluting Le Corbusier!
  MuseLAB Design Engine - second winners of international concept competition for "Museum of Knowledge" enlighten us on what made their design tick...
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  Thought n Impact
  Miki Agrawal: Breaking taboos with contemporary design
  Here is an individual, who is en route to empower the modern-day woman through innovative design that makes her life better and aids the environment...
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  CNS Neurology Hospital - architecturally integrated healthcare solutions!
  With tenets of hospitality fast transforming healthcare architecture, Archohm designs CNS Neurology Hospital, where the building itself is a healthcare contributor!
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Global Hop
  Celeb Chef Jamie's Eateries: Localizing Italian Experiences
  Celebrity chef Jamie Oliver's restaurants in Stockholm and Sao Paulo are vibrant spaces designed using local materials and the theatrics of an open kitchen...
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  Conspicuous membrane roofs highlight the Ludwigspark Football Stadium
  gmp Architects rise to the demanding design challenge of the conversion and refurbishment of Ludwigspark Stadium in Saarbrücken...
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  Award-winning interactive healthcare design for children
  Juliana’s Children Hospital in The Hague, Netherlands treads the innovative interactive path to good health, taking the fear out of children…
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