Wednesday, May 4, 2016

A flat water-bottle for your pocket| Denmark’s gravity-defying cantilevered museum | Glass Art for stylish urbane decor| and more


We spoke of equanimity last week and here we have a cover story that absolutely fits the bill. S+PS Architects’ design for this home is a well-thought-out exercise in reviving the charm of yesteryears in today’s context; and very successfully indeed. Their design is contemporised so it blends in comfortably in the now, whilst evoking a subtle rootedness.

When a designer considers the humane approach above all else, the design is invariably a success! Sensitivity in design is seen in the Glifo writing and drawing tools that are designed to empower neurologically challenged children. They address multiple brain-related pathologies in a very gentle and disarming manner and succeed at the tough goal of rehabilitation of these patients.

Our other stories for you include glass art by Dubai-based Anjali Srinivasan’s glass art studio ChoChoMa; gravity-defying cantilever for a rock museum; young photographer Ganji’’s lens-scapes in magnificent Iran and renowned Japanese architect Kengo Kuma’s latest ‘slice’ of high-rise architecture. Don’t forget to read about the ingeniously designed Memobottle. Wonder why no one thought of this earlier!

Enjoy the issue.

Savitha Hira
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Collage House: the language of Indian ethos!
This home in a Navi Mumbai suburb centres around the idea of recycling and collage in several ways: from the very physical - like materials, energy, etc. to the intangible - like history, space and memories...
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  Celebrating Glass
  Doing away with conventional materials of décor, ChoChoMa Studios brings home a breath of fresh air with its custom-fabricated glass products...
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Global Hop
  Thought n Impact
  Glifo - empowering the neurologically challenged!
  A team of designers collaborate to give children suffering from neurological impairments a second chance at life...
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  Ragnarock: Denmark's gold-studded, gravity-defying rock museum
  With its striking gold-studded façade and daring cantilevered auditorium, Ragnarock has opened its doors to offer visitors a fully immersive rock experience...
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  The Magnificence of Iranian Mosques!
  IAnD brings you a spectacular study of Iran's mosques and monuments via the self-taught lens of budding photographer Mohammad Reza Domiri Ganji...
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  Alberni by Kuma: Vancouver's slice of Ar. Kengo Kuma!
  "The building should not be an isolated object. It should be part of the city... I believe that is the goal of architecture in the 21st century," asserts Ar. Kengo Kuma...
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