Wednesday, May 11, 2016

How far will architecture adopt technology? |Fond memories of late artist A A Raiba| How to have new furniture everyday | and more

We are all in the throes of constantly emerging technologies, where tools are taking over the entire process of communication, facilitating speedy, effective coordination that directly promotes productivity. Yet, in this rat race for the better and then the best, are we actually complicating our lives or simplifying them? Are we losing the pleasures of personal interaction with the so-called hi-tech communication strategies that impersonally get the ball rolling? Is that the only end goal – productivity?! Chew on it.

Lap up some excellent design stories with Smarin’s DIY furniture kit, a plush home in the Big Apple and a plush office in Kolkata; besides getting to know more about how NBBJ Architects are developing virtual and augmented reality tools for optimum architectural building construction.

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Savitha Hira
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Minimalist in design; Magnificent in style!
Subtlety in expression augments urbane design of new office by Abin Design Studio, Kolkata...
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  IAnD Exclusive
  The Indefatigable A A Raiba - Fond Memories
  Veteran painter Abdul Aziz Raiba breathed his last on April 15, 2016. He was 94 and still questing for the unfathomable through his artistic expression...
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  Wockhardt's Canteen - a no-fuss, well-defined materiality!
  A glass-and-concrete facade, sharp angular edges and a heightened sense of transparency impart a sculptural presence...
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Global Hop
  Thought n Impact
  Virtual Reality and Architecture
  Making headway in implementing emerging technologies with processes of design, NBBJ architects work on using virtual reality for effective...
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  738 Broadway - the luxe address!
  The two-decade-plus Escobar Design by Lemay architects stamp New York's elitist area with their distinctive contemporary luxe appeal...
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  Art in form but not on the walls!
  This residential project located in Obu city, Aichi prefecture, also houses a gallery space for the contemporary art collection of the client...
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  Play Yet: Create your personal domestic landscape!
  Play Yet is a real-time, fully functional furniture game that is a reflection of a child's imagination and design...
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