Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Multifunctional Spaces| Flirting with glamour| Party all night| Amortising brand costs and more


In our selection of stories this week, we observe a common thread – design empowers. Whether it’s GESAMT Design’s residential layout that uses sliding partitions to camouflage or open up space, adding character to a space with each new configuration; or it is Ben Rousseau’s modern refurbishment of a classic Victorian interior; whether it is the coloured mirror by Elliott Barnes or the pragmatic plug-and-play that Zero 9 proposes for the expo pavilion, the interpretation and deliverance of the program goes much beyond its immediate application. It alludes to a cultural shift, a changing mindset!

Interestingly nuanced, each story inspires, gives ideas galore... leaves a trail.

Check them out and leave us your feedback.

Savitha Hira
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Thought n Impact
Amortizing branding costs!
Anu and Prashant Chauhan of Zero 9 have bagged the A+Design Award 2016 for their Dimexon Expo Stand - a modular, knock-down concept that not only drives brand recall but can be reprogrammed each time for changing needs and rejuvenated visual appeal...
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  Party all night!
  Untouched for over 20-years, a battered down space is turned into a luxurious party house for a couple in Mumbai's posh Juhu suburb...
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  Multifunctional Spaces
  Komal Vasa of GESAMT Design renders an "emotion-arousing experience through coherent spatial design crafted with perceptible human energy"...
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Global Hop
  Mastery of Magical Illumination
  Armed with a basic concept of creative illumination system, designer Ben Rousseau casts a magical spell and metamorphoses this house into "a glamorous...
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  Flirting with glamour!
  GAO Architects design an oasis of understated luxury and quietude amidst the chaotic hustle-bustle of Slovenia's capital city, Ljubljan...
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