Wednesday, June 8, 2016

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Design sensibilities have no pertinent definition. Approaches change with shifting priorities, user profiles, lifestyles... Our stories this week highlight different design sensibilities: from juggling space in a Paris apartment, opening it up to bespoke multifunctional spaces; architecture following an organic form inspired by the peacock - not just for aesthetic appeal but to optimise interior and exterior vistas; a relook at opening up spaces for a nursery school; design that draws from cultural heritage; and works out solutions to recreate a cultural vibe, despite constraints.

A wholesome issue, we cover diverse fine details that you may be able to use - as a professional or a self- initiator.

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Savitha Hira
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Mahindra Club in Chennai is the perfect place to 'relax-refresh-rejuvenate'!
Drawing inspiration from the majestic Peacock, the IGBC-LEED Gold rated Mahindra World City Club in the culturally rich city of Kanchipuram is designed as a tranquil retreat to enhance the communal fabric of its residents...
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  'Small' is the new beautiful with experiential eateries in Mumbai
  Designers Dhruv Seth and Namrata Kaur of Studio Node prove their versatility at transforming two mundane spaces into quirky attractive eateries...
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  IAnD Exclusive
  Gen Next gets a slice of history via re-purposing native Indian crafts
  Product designers Sahil Bagga and Sarthak Sengupta in a candid interview with IAnD reveal how they layer cultural nuances to empower gen next...
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Global Hop
  This open-plan home in Paris has shades of country living!
  A home speaks a lot about its inhabitants but this three-level habitat tells a tale not only about its residents and but also about its architects...
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  Denmark School underlines of role of architecture in stimulating growth
  Denmark School wins WAN Award2 016 from six high calibre projects that showcase a remarkable range of the best in international educational design...
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  Thought n Impact
  Children learn from surrounding nature at Amanenomori Nursery School, Japan
  Ar. Kensuke Aisaka designs a nursery school in Funabashi city, Japan, where children get to observe and learn from nature; nourish their responsiveness and ability to think...
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