Wednesday, June 1, 2016

Pursue a career as a colour consultant| The bright and bold of colour| Nude palettes and metallic glamour| Coloured sand art installations and more


Team IAnD are extremely appreciative of designer Emmanuelle Moureaux from Japan, who has taken time off her busy schedule to Guest Edit this Colour Special issue for our readers. Over to Emmanuelle to throw light on what this special holds for you...

“I am often asked which is my favourite colour? I answer, “multicolour palette”. When I saw the cityscape of Tokyo for the first time, I was so impressed by thousands and thousands of colours floating in the cityscape, as layers, as three-dimensional elements. It was as if I was seeing colours for the first time!

It was in that very moment that my mind decided to move to Tokyo. Inspired by colours of Tokyo everyday, I realized that colours can create a lot of emotions, create a unique atmosphere, felt entirely by the five senses, generating unlimited emotions. They can make people smile, laugh, surprise, react, talk, and in all the cases they create a special moment of happiness.

Although we are surrounded by thousands of colours, usually most people are not conscious of that abundance. Just like Tokyo is my inspiration for colours, I hope you will become more conscious of the colours existing around you. In this special issue, you will discover colours from creators from London, Paris, Tokyo to Mumbai. I hope you enjoy them and see how exciting and stimulating it is to use many colours at once. When you go out to the street, feel the colours floating out there, and get inspired!”

Emmanuelle Moureaux
Colour Expert & Designer, Tokyo
Guest Editor –Colour Special Issue
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Yurariro - colour promotes sleeping comfort!
Colour expert and designer Emmanuelle Moureaux has conceptualised a new colourful bedding brand, "yurariro" that aspires to introduce joie de vivre in the bedroom! The designer explains...
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  Plated with metallic hues!
  Metallic hues nudge nude tones as various process-oriented crafts augment the exploration of a neutral palette in this sumptuous Mumbai-home by AV Fourth Dimension...
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  Pursue a career as a Colour Consultant!
  Do you thrive on dynamism? Would you like to pursue a career as a Colour Consultant? Latika Khosla tells you how...
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Global Hop
  Thought n Impact
  Let's play with coloured sand!!
  Polish artist and prolific writer, Adam Kalinowski works with coloured sand to make participatory art installations that sensitize people...
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  Colours of the French Revolution!
  Imagination and realization of varied and unique designs paired with the dynamism and love for colour reflects the Christian Lacroix style of home furnishings...
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  The bright and the bold of colour!
  The thought of modernizing our spaces is exciting and choosing the colour adds a different thrill to this experience; so why is it that we always choose the usual palette?
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  Colour sets the mood!
  Colour Expert Ar. Emmanuelle Moureaux brings you some tips and tricks on how to use colour to energise your spaces and fill them with joie de vivre!
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