Wednesday, July 27, 2016

Japanese traditional crafts to the fore| Revisiting the classic French bistro| Smart waste management | Timeless design| and more


Introspection is a power-packed tool. Artist Maxwell Rushton’s social experiment ‘Left Out’ coaxes the onlooker to peer within and question the seemingly dormant status quo called the comfort zone. It also subtly refers to all inbuilt mechanisms that are responsible for social behaviour, thought and reaction... going beyond to the core of one’s value system. Art works as a seminal tool in such instances, very effective in proposed social change.

With the initiation of this rather heavy thought process, we look sombrely at the why and how of our other features, contemplating on the musings of the varied design doyens and their methodologies.

Check out Bistro de l’Arc – Paris’ traditional homely French bistro that revels in its classic representation; Makoto Yamaguchi Design’ remodelled resort near Tokyo that uses traditional Japanese crafts as decor elements; Hyderabad’s El+D design studio and its brand language and lots lots more...

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Savitha Hira
Gallery Pradarshak
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Timeless Hues
Nestled in the posh and green locality of Jor Bagh is a young couple's apartment that distances itself from prevailing trends and fads; yet leaves a distinct mark of living amid nature...
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  Living the metaphor!
  Hyderabad's EL+D design studio is an open-to-all creative hub - space that effectively bridges the gap between traditional and contemporary...
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Global Hop
  Thought n Impact
  'Left Out'  or 'Trapped Inside'?!
  Artist Rushton’s unconventional and thought-provoking installation has confronted people all over the world with a pertinent question: Would you help or move on?
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  Revisit the classic!
  Based on the concept of bistronomy, Bistro de l'Arc reinvents dishes and flavours from traditional French cuisine with a menu that changes daily...
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  Japanese traditional crafts to the fore!
  Simple traditional craft and nature give the architects of Makoto Yamaguchi Design a direction for the remodelling of a resort...
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  Engineered Art
  Award winning Studio Fuksas has designed a 566 seater music theatre, where engineering meets art and reaches the climax of true architecture!
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