Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Sky Garden: Novelty with purpose; A journey called design; Hybrid seats and more


What a creative brain pours out, at times consistently; periodic surprises at others, is basically what maintains the intrigue of life and living.

When I first read about the social experiment 'Devices of Abstraction', my interest was piqued to know more - especially the outcome. That is when it dawned that there is no definite, no finite outcome. There is continuum. Novel, reinvented, resuscitated continuum.

Our stories this week take you from Instanbul’s newest attraction to the waterfront in Amsterdam; from an interactive design school in Gurgaon to a luxe home in a posh Mumbai suburb and a lot more...

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Savitha Hira
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A mosaic of materials, textures and patterns
Interior designer, Sumessh Menon’s signature flair for intricate detailing anoints a three-member family home in Mumbai’s posh Pali Hill with an oomph factor that is as subtle as it is singular…
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  Thought n Impact
  A journey called design!
  Archohm’s rustic themed design school in Noida is set to change the routine learning process of a student; packed with interaction zones and metaphoric bursts of colour...
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Global Hop
  Devices for Abstraction: a legacy in motion!
  Encouraging anti-authoritarian teaching, while looking at the broader perspective in-the-eye, Krabbesholm, Denmark, implements wholesome learning…
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  Unique homes with a view!
  A uniform architectural skin but individualistic interiors highlight Studioninedots’ latest apartment building on the waterfront in Amstelkwartier, Amsterdam.
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  Sky Garden: Novelty with a purpose!
  Breaking the conventional style of citiscape gardens is a suspended garden in one of the busiest and most popular squares of Istanbul, Turkey…
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