Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Mumbai’s trending gastro-pub, Koko| Mirage: the home under an infinity pool |Baloo: the playful font | Zaha Hadid Architects designs the greenest stadium in the world| and lots more


Dear IAnDians,

A carte blanche is the ultimate in design freedom. It involves a discerning approach that capitalizes on the given in a manner that stands apart from the milieu, often breaking new ground. And the outcome is also a little exalted to say the least! This seems like the scenario this week with each of our stories toeing the line with the most dynamic aspirations.

Be it the rock-camouflaged home with its roof doubling up as an infinity pool on the Island of Madonna in Greece; or the attention-grabbing juxtapositions of texture and pattern at Mumbai’s newest gastro-pub, Koko; or the Zaha Hadid designed' all-wood stadium in Stroud, UK; or even the nature-driven pavilion-style sales lounge by Space Dynamix in Pune; they all depict a clear move towards the un-traversed or lesser traversed path. And there’s more…

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Savitha Hira
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A class apart!
In order to fit in, you need to stand out! A 3500 sq. ft. contemporary Asian gastro-pub, Koko has hit the mark in terms of ambience, decor and taste!
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  Baloo: the playful font
  Sarang Kulkarni's newest addition - Baloo typeface - is a multilingual Indic Display-type font family, sustaining 10 scripts under an umbrella of common design features...
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  The green lounge!
  Space Dynamix designed sales lounge with pointers from Villa Savoye by Corbusier at Riverdale, Pune is a modern architectural invitation to invest in the property!
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Global Hop
  Mirage: the home under an infinity pool
  Illustrating Greek Cycladic aura, this 'cave-like' house establishes a continuous dialogue with the landscape, in an effort to highlight how less is actually more...
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  Thought n Impact
  Zaha Hadid Architects design the greenest football stadium in the world!
  Zaha Hadid Architects' winning entry for the new football stadium in Stroud, UK will be the world's first all-wood structure with low carbon emittance.
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  Foster + Partners to refurbish ZSL London Zoo's Snowdon Aviary
  The legendary Snowdon Aviary at the ZSL London Zoo is all set to be modernized and redeveloped at the hands of none other than master architects, Foster + Partners!
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  Experimenting Landscapes: Testing the Limits of the Garden
  With this superb publication, author Emily Waugh focuses on the Métis International Garden Festival, Canada, which has presented more than 150 temporary gardens...
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