Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Gurjit Singh Matharoo gets arty with stone | Mecanoo reveals early renovation plans of NY Public Library| Impressionist installations by artists, Sudarshan Shetty & James Turrell | and more


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Is an architect also an artist, and vice versa? Technically, they are different. But intellectually, their thought-processes are layered into abstraction, vivified, trite at times, sashaying into the untouched, unexplored realms of creativity. And the inspiration can come from anywhere! Ar. Gurjit Singh of Matharoo Associates (our trending story) has brilliantly translated allegoric horizontal book stacks on extendable book ends – the kind that come with a firm slider at the base – into playful architectural vocabulary, artistically drawing out the interiors amidst the slanting walls. On another note, India’s renowned artist, Sudarshan Shetty uses life-size architecture to illustrate his point of view that life is unpredictable and needs to be lived in the moment, to the full.

Going beyond these cross-references, architects Schmidt Hammer Lassen collaborate with American artist of renown, James Turrell to design the expansion of ARoS museum in Denmark. The boundaries between art installations and architecture blur here as they propose to introduce a new civic experience via their plan. Do check out the story.

And there’s a lot more! Products, home interiors, fusion café interiors…

Savitha Hira
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Innovative Permeations!
An exploration in stone masonry and craftsmanship, Marbled House is a manifestation of the client's professional background as one of the largest suppliers of construction-grade stone.
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  The installation art of storytelling
  Artist Sudarshan Shetty kindles a nuanced sensitivity via his installation-art 'a song a story' keeping the narrative direct and emotionally engaging...
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  Cluster One Creative Solutions' most recent home interiors displays a candid, balanced and pragmatic approach strengthened by its surface-bound articulations...
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Global Hop
  New York Public Library unveils early designs of renovation plans
  Mecanoo-led renovation will give New Yorkers a completely new Mid-Manhattan Library by end of 2019!
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  Thought n Impact
  Repurposing art and architecture into a new experience
  Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects reveal designs for ARoS "Next Level" in collaboration with renowned American artist James Turrell...
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  This 'gossip' offers great food for thought!
  Addressing the needs of the modern high-flying consumer, Bochinche is Singapore’s newest haunt for fusion gourmet and breezy ambience...
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