Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Visit the remaking of Mumbai’s Royal Opera House | Learn about the creative side of business communication| Experience the octagonal building that helps you commune with the dead| and more


Dear IAnDians,

When you browse thru’ our stories this week, you will see how different functions have elicited variegated design typologies. Yet, there is an underlying thread of commonality that runs thru' the disciplines – graphic design, set design, reverential architecture, and residential architecture. It is the contextual elements that become the foremost contributors to the design. Then come the inhabitants and their idiosyncrasies – prioritized for effect.

The resurgence of Mumbai’s grand theatrical experience, the Royal Opera House, is a magnificent piece of restored history. This is an engaging must-read. Communing with our dear departed adds another dimension to our philosophical caps – totally recommended. Ideas and ideas galore spew from various quarters as we visit the minimalist sets of ballet La Fresque and the signature home of Walter Knoll furniture brand…

Let’s leave you to enjoy the issue! Do continue to write in!

Savitha Hira
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Mumbai's Royal Opera House restored to its erstwhile grandeur!
Conservation Architect Abha Narain Lambah restores the 1916 Royal Opera House, Mumbai, to its erstwhile grandeur...
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  The creative side of business communication
  Award-winning firm HB Design Pvt. Ltd. delves into their success-rated portfolios to share with us some insights into what makes for the "right" business communication design!
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Global Hop
  Minimalist set design
  Designer and scenographer, Constance Guisset's latest offering is a mesmerizing multi-media composition that revolves around the Chinese symbol of feminity - 'hair'...
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  Blurring lines of function and art!
  Stationed on a plateau at the edge of the Black Forest in Kräherwald’s typical 1920’s ‘coffee-grinder house’ amid scenic views of the city lies this not-so-little home...
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  Thought n Impact
  Reconnecting with our dear departed
  The Charnel House in Ryusenji Temple, Japan is an ossuary designed to keep pace with contemporary mindsets; without blurring the boundaries of religious sentiments...
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