Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Is wood the construction material of the future?| Managing the cost of commercial spaces| Vertical gardens| Retreat in the skies| and more


Dear IAnDians,

While on one hand material, process and technology become instrumental in the making of the built form; one sees a close nexus; almost ingeniously inculcated that guides its conceptual idiom. So what is driving new design? Material or fresh concepts?

Our bouquet this week has hand-picked concepts from façade design; breakthrough in building design using timber for high-rise; landscaping vide vertical gardens; contextual, traditional architectural typologies that use nature as their guideline; the charm of iconic buildings and lots more… With focus being on hard-core architectural practice, each story touches upon a characteristic feature of the built form and its engineering.

And amidst this ‘put-on-your-thinking-cap’ bent, is an exhibition design that breathes in a burst of fresh air to entertain you!

Read, assimilate, enjoy!

Savitha Hira
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Managing operating cost of commercial spaces
Konterra by SWBI Architects takes eco-friendly design to a new high with a terracotta and glass façade.
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  The green screen!
  Banduk Smith Studio designs a vertical garden as the focus loci of a restaurant design; ingeniously doubling the element as a significant climatic feature...
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Global Hop
  The beauty of responsible architecture!
  Bangladesh’s Dusai Resort & Spa follows time-tested traditional techniques to respond to the call of responsible architecture…
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  Y House - retreat in the skies!
  With 'getaway' time occupying a prime slot in hectic lifestyles, a weekend home in the skies sounds like just the rejuvenation one can opt for!
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  Have we come closer to wood as the new construction material?
  United States' first modern timber high-rise, T3 is the current talk of the town. Is it time for good-old wood construction to break new frontiers in design?
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  Exploring the world of feathers!
  Nature and culture coalesce in theatrical discovery and extraordinary artistic display of feathers; touching the psyche at a deeper level, for those who seek...
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