Wednesday, January 25, 2017

Coconut house: ray of hope for low cost??| UNStudio explores new façade material| This hotel is about sculptural bathrooms and iconic rooms!| Nude fashion is always ‘in| and more

Dear IAnDians,

As the month draws to a close, we reflect on the kind of architectural gems that we’ve shared with you over the last three weeks. Exploring new material for façades, for low-cost housing and climatically responsible architecture; incorporating techno-driven design into the built form; reinventing material play… to going deeper to turn around conventional typologies on their head, we have summed up a whole gamut of experiences, each being headstrong and forward thinking.

This week’s fare too brings you some thought-provoking features. I would specially draw your attention to Ar. Jayneel Trivedi’s coconut house that may probably emerge a winner in green design for the rural communities.

Moving away from the serious note, check out Mumbai’s bubbly Lemon Leaf café by eclectic designer Shabnam Gupta; bask in the luxurious feel of sculptural bathtubs right there, in your bedrooms and try out the magic of nude fashion!!

Until next week!

Savitha Hira
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Kaleidoscope of kitsch and culture
South Mumbai's epicurean delight, Lemon Leaf offers a pot-pourri of popular culture and retro elements, catering to a varied user profile...
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  'Nude' is always in!
  The Nude palette has armed us with tools to re-contour our fluid faces and reshape our silhouettes - hour-glass or not. IAnD revisits the trend...
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  Thought n Impact
  Coconut house: ray of hope for low cost?!
  Ar. Jayneel Trivedi adds to the uses of tender coconut by applying it as an essential cladding material...
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Global Hop
  This facade says it all!
  Manuelle Gautrand Architecture ameliorates the Alésia Cinema in Paris, transforming it into a conspicuous mise en scène of cultural...
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  Of sculptural bathrooms and iconic rooms!
  OHLAB design creates sculptural bathrooms for iconic 22-room boutique hotel in La Lonja, in the historical centre of Palma, Spain.
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  UNStudio explores ALPOLIC (TM) as a new facade material
  UN Studio explores the properties of a signature material by transforming it into a spatial structure; and thus discovers...
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