Wednesday, February 1, 2017

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Dear IAnDians,

All of January, we focused on the architectural articulation of spaces, elements… on a vocab of conviction, security, palpability, and reverence. In its varied idioms, the built form resonates with everyday living at multi levels; and at each, it plays a designated role. Seamlessness and seminal spaces apart, it is the nitty-gritty in shaping the built form that takes the cake!

In the last installment of this focus, we bring you an unusually conceived artist studio-cum-residence that fosters inclusivity and completely breaks through residential typology, as is generally accepted. Designed by Anagram Architects, the concept comes as no surprise, as the firm is already known for its cryptic approach and focus on the larger picture.

Taking a cue from thinking out-of-the-box sans any pre-conceived ideas, rat[LAB]INTERIORS is another path-breaking research and architectural practice that pushes the boundaries of its design capabilities with the soon-to-be-completed interiors of an experience centre for a stone dealer. They’re literally breathing life into the stone! Check out the story…

Theme décor, magical lighting design concepts, and plush interiors make the remaining read interesting!

Enjoy the issue, whilst we bring you ‘art in interiors’ as the hot topic for the coming month.

Savitha Hira
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Sculptural Enigma
Designed by Anagram Architects for multi-media artist Anita Dube, Artrovert is a 280 sq. m. studio, conceived as a shared working space for artists...
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  Thinking out-of-the-box!
  A stone retail flagship housed within an office-cum-factory premise in Noida provides 360 degree experience of the merchandise...
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  Understated elegance
  SSA Design Studio carves out an all-white interior shell with predominantly neutral tones that exudes visual interest through subtle detailing...
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Global Hop
  The story of light and shadow!
  The Beijing Tongying Centre InterContinental Hotel reflects a medley of extravagant explorations of light, resulting in remarkable chiaroscuros...
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  Primitive Pleasure
  Feeding on the quest for a unique dining experience, Yunnan, China's Pu Zao Restaurant is a cocoon of primitive pleasures...
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