Wednesday, April 19, 2017

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Dear IAnDians,

If there is any industry that can really stretch exploration of material and design, it is the hospitality sector. The urge to experience something new each time one eats out is rooted to a more basic need – that of assimilating something novel that rekindles one’s intrigue quotient and has the adrenaline pumping anew.

Interior designer, Sumessh Menon does a lot of this. His material explorations border on the unthinkable; yet the cohesion he accomplishes is commendable. Creating narratives in tandem with hospitable surrounds with generous doses of intrigue and the vibe of youthfulness thrown in, in good measure seems to have become second nature with the designer. Do check out Mumbai’s latest night scene designed by Sumessh.

Having a finger on the pulse of the client is indeed an art. Studio UnTAG endorses this with a simple and rustic ambience rising from the earth itself. The farmhouse project is a beacon of ingenuity in the middle of nowhere. Casa Clara is another example to the same effect.

Speaking of ingenuity, the eco-system proposed by MINI LIVING in collaboration with So_IL Architects is on the radar to test its success as a futuristic nomadic living pod. Only time will tell how successful this experiment has been.

Let me leave you to discover the rest for yourselves.

Savitha Hira
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