Wednesday, April 12, 2017

Metaphors in Design| Mapping technology with architecture| Colour can be as potent as design| and more


Dear IAnDians,

Colour like design is omnipresent, omnipotent! Whether specks or blocks, each hue holds a distinct charm. Two corporates – two approaches – a common thread! Whilst the Halaman Printing office comes alive with playfulness, filling the atmosphere with high energy; the use of colour in Architecture Discipline Studio infuses a note of vibrancy in an otherwise neutral envelope. In both instances - bespoke dynamism to the fore!

Moving from the vibrant to the metallic palette, Anand Jewels by DCA reinstates that opulence can be subliminal with just the touch of gold. The architect makes a statement with a simple iridescent ceiling and its shimmering chandelier; other elements of course make their presence felt, building on the thematic.

Tastefully designed, simple interiors get transformed into story-telling ambiences as Masquespacio once again weave their magic – this time with a casual restaurant in Valencia. Simplicity rules as the café can be attuned to varying moods of the day and night. Do check it out.

Speaking of metaphors in design and mapping technology in architecture, Zaha Hadid Architects translated Samsung’s new phone, Galaxy S8 into a fluid exhibit at Milan. Can fluidity, organics permeate and demonstrate just about anything? We are adding on to the coffers of our right brain.


Savitha Hira
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Exploration is key!
Architecture Discipline Studio, located in the busy SDA Market, Delhi is a self-sufficient space, which emerges as a workshop of experimental design concepts.
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  Designing for opulence!
  DCA Architects culls out a luxurious retail experience with their design of Anand Jewels in Indore...
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Global Hop
  Interior landscapes!
  EDDA Architecture uses colour as the defining element to establish a direct connect between brand ideology and simple design...
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  Naturally upscale!
  Masquespacio Design Consultancy successfully retains the natural and timeless vibe of the ancient city of Valencia in a gastrobar aptly named - La Manera.
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  Unconfined Geometries: Samsung S8 Design Story
  What does an architect have to do with showcasing the journey of technological growth? Well, check out the story of Samsung's Galaxy S8, ingeniously translated...
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