Wednesday, April 5, 2017

‘Take-make-waste’ to sustainability| New vision of a collective housing typology| Portuguese-inspired restaurant| and more


Dear IAnDians,

Food and ambience are big tickets; always have been. With ‘eating out’ as a major entertainment avenue, designers put their best in reinventing… thematic, materials, play of light, colour… you name it! Check out Minnie Bhatt Designs’ Portuguese-inspired eatery in Mumbai. And stay tuned in for a few more coming up next week.

Considering the steadily-growing importance attached to the environment, Arup Associates have prototyped and tested their offering to ‘circular economy’ – definitely a do-able option that can perhaps make a huge impact, when implemented across the board. Whilst their study on the subject is rather in-depth, we have featured the basics of their proto that debuted at the London Design Festival last year. Do check it out.

On a similar note, the collective housing typology proposed and executed by Metaform architecture office is another subject of interest and debate. With urban multi-storey housing reaching extremely dense proportions and the lack of breathable spaces mounting, could this typology actually work across footprints? Surely, when adopted and adapted variously, we should have that answered!

Enjoy the issue. Until next week…

Savitha Hira
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Madeira and Mime: a maritime tale!
Minnie Bhatt Design's recent project, 'Madeira and Mime' immerses diners in a Portuguese maritime feel, in keeping with the gastro-pub's namesake...
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  Optimization and Convergence - defining success through interiors!
  SML Architects reconfigure space and reinvent material application to transform a dull manufacturing unit into a highly modernistic and convergent office...
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Global Hop
  New vision of a collective housing typology
  Metaform architecture office chisels out a new typology addressing the overall aspiration of marrying current housing needs and issues with specific conditions of the site...
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  Thought n Impact
  From 'take-make-waste' to sustainability!
  The Circular Building, intelligently constructed out of re-usable components, seeks to explore how the construction industry can work towards zero waste...
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  Colours of learning!
  Ar. McBride Charles Ryan places a vibrant and engaging use of colour at the heart of their institutional design concept and bag the WAN Colour in Architecture 2016 Award!
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