Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The power of using images in communication| Envisaging life without technology| trendy fashion boutique in Vadodara| and more

Thought n Impact
3D Copypod is a 3D scan booth, where a transformable structure combines with photographic equipment to allow instant digitization of varied subjects.
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Dear IAnDians,

Have you ever wondered how much we imbibe daily via hoardings on the street, digital media, print media, hearsay…? We are constantly engaging with different imagery. We process a sea of images to arrive at even the smallest of decisions. Design evangelist, Hemant Suthar recommends Willemien Brand’s book on Visual Thinking that tells us that “drawing is a way of life”. The book guides us on how to achieve desired results via visual thinking and communication. Check out the review. The book is available at BIS Publishers.

Taking the visual connect further, People's Industrial Design Office experiment with a transformable structure they call '3D Copypod' that is fitted with umpteen DSLR cameras and a flexible tensile skin to create a controlled photography environment, in addition to printable and digitized options of 3d images in any format.

With technology taking us to new highs almost every day, Ar. Pappal Suneja is the only Indian finalist in the online competition on sprucing up the Eiffel Tower precincts with activities that promote human interaction sans technology. Do check out his concept.

Leaving you to some diverse and engrossing fare...

Savitha Hira




Thought n Impact
‘Parallel Reflections - Experience Life without Technology’.
Ar. Pappal Suneja is declared the only finalist from India in the ‘Rethinking Architecture Online Competition’ on human values vs. gadget-driven existence…
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A stylish fashion abode
Style Satva, a recently completed fashion studio by young design firm, Kyrra Studio in Vadodara is as fashionable as it is practical.
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global hop

Capping the re-rise of shared workplace synergies
Group, Maredo flagship restaurant in Berlin welcomes diners to a 580-sq. m. space, reminiscent of the steak’s South American origin.
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Visual thinking made easy!
A picture can speak a thousand words! Design Thinker and Crusader, Hemant Suthar reviews the book ‘Visual Thinking’ by industrial designer,
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