Wednesday, June 7, 2017

Hongkong’s open-to-sky clubhouse | Minimalist monochrome sets off intellectual musings in Valencia office |Work and play collaborate at Fractal Ink Design Studio| and more

A playground of colours and intriguing spaces inspires enthusiasm, keeping with Fractal Ink Design Studio’s core values and culture…
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Dear IAnDians,

Work is one side of the coin, where play is the other - the two inseparables impact our lifestyles, shape our attitudes and make us the people we are. With working environments changing with changing mindsets and outlooks, we profile three distinctive office designs that are adapted to their core ideologies.

Whilst Ar. Manoj Patel's small but well-ventilated office brings in pops of colour via vertical louvers and square batons that work on the dual principle of air flow and interior aesthetic; Fractal Ink Design Studio puts the creatives' comfort above all else - probably playing on the premise that a happy mindset is more productive and therefore time-lost translates to better-results. In the same vein, the monochrome charisma of Fran Silvestre Architects' designed ARV Valencia office is a high brow nurturing of the intellect despite it being in the business of customer care. So, different psychologies impact these spaces.

We urge you to dig under the obvious and unearth the gems of human connect that characterize these designs and these spaces.

We hope you enjoy the issue.

Savitha Hira




The design template!
Manoj Patel’s award-winning design studio gives wings to the aspirations of a young design firm inside a 50 sq.m. area catering to six employees and a principal architect.
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Looking through the window!
There is a plethora of window types to choose from. If you are planning to renovate, why not look at some windows to create some magic in your home?
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global hop

Transforming 3D reality
The recently completed ARV customer services office in Valencia, by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos, is a symphony is white, interspersed with shapes and forms in grey and black.
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Rejuvenation in the skies!
In an era, where every square foot of space is essential, architecture firm, Concrete designs a clubhouse atop a residential tower in the heart of Mongkok, Hongkong!
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