Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Shades of opulence in healthcare| Evergreen kitsch| Inclusiveness in workspaces | and more

Mahesh Punjabi Associates turns the tables on the proprietary dental clinic, stripping it off its barrenness, optimizing on both – hygiene and aesthetics!
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Dear IAnDians,

Design is all about ethos - the magic of crafting a space to suit a mindset, and different mindsets at different times. For spaces are all about people and interaction and design is the facilitator, integral to social behaviour.

From one end of the spectrum, where classic holds timeless regard, to the contemporary, where inclusiveness is the highlight of almost any space, function, or sentiment; we bring you a range of projects  - restaurants, dental clinic, boutique store, community space and an office, that individually stand apart for their completeness of thought.

A personal favourite is the spunky use of the characteristic white-and-gold as a palette for a dental centre. Not only does the choice of colour add zing to an otherwise inhibited health issue; it turns the concept of sterility on its head!

Have an enjoyable read!

Savitha Hira




Straddling two styles: modern and vintage!
Designed by Neovana Designs uses natural elements to envelope 3Seventy Kitchen restaurant, culling out a chic ambience of modern and vintage sensibilities …
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The art of experience design!
Manoj Patel Design Studio translates the art of selling into a cost-effective and sustainable, flexi-display system for an art gallery in Vadodara…
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global hop

Intimacy and culinary delight!
EDDA Architecture designs a dynamic office for Generation Y, where lighting design takes the onus of brand identity…
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Scotland’s Perth City Hall to get a new look!
Mecanoo architecten will soon be renovating the Perth City Hall in Scotland.
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Intimacy and culinary delight!
ALLARTSSTUDIO crafts a typical American pizzeria in Russia, using the age-old Pompeian stove in a linear vaulted space, reminiscent of the first pizzeria in New York!
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Understated drama!
Design firm, Solis Betancourt & Sherrill renovates a pre-war home to create a colourful pied-à-terre that could highlight the client’s collection of Latin American art.
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