Wednesday, September 13, 2017

Simplicity in design| Home for booklovers and cats| Fairmont Hotel makeover| and more|

Astutely balancing ethnic and contemporary sensibilities, Studio Wood designs a warm and homely residence for a joint family in Surajkund, Haryana…
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Dear IAnDians,
A simple intervention can go a long way. It then remains whether the expert hand is that of the homeowner or the designer, where strategy and strong aesthetic sense becomes the driver of the design.

We bring you some very simple design interventions this week - whether the branding exercise by Masquespacio, where he uses colour as the binding factor; or the Surajkund residence - our cover story, where Studio Wood uses ethnicity as the driving element of the homeowners' cultural sentiments and mental makeup. The home for booklovers and cats will surely catch your attention - designed as it is for the animal and his best friends!

We hope you're enjoying the leisurely reads. Seeking something specific, write in to us. We'd be happy to source stories that drive you!

Savitha Hira




Simple and chic
Maximum storage with minimum intervention is the priority in this apartment at Hyderabad by ThinkDesignerz…
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Every inch counts!
Ar. Parth Chitte uses design as a differentiator to enhance a compact 334 sq. ft. salon into a chic business proposal…
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global hop

Holding up the beacon of modernity!
Award-winning creative consultancy Masquespacio just finished the design for Doctor Manzana’s flagship store near Valencia, integrating brand identity with interior design…
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House for book-lovers and cats!
BFDO Architects designs a vertical home filled with special accommodation for an artist-poet couple and their two shy cats in Brooklyn, New York…
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Holding up the beacon of modernity!
Montreals’ Fairmont The Queen Elizabeth Hotel has been reinvented in keeping with its mid-century vision of a perfect hotel and its grand international style…
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Understated flamboyance
The ‘Bad Boy of Design’ gets a carte blanche to design a home in Hollywood; and he delivers, living up to his reputation…
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