Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Towards a greener society| Ideas formed through life| Face-lifting the Udipi| and more

Ippolito Fleitz group redesigns a home in Stuttgart, creating a strong graphic counterpart to the typically bourgeois Wilhelminian architecture…
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Dear IAnDians,

There is never a designated time to say thank you. And there is never enough to thank one for. A big hug of appreciation to all our patrons - architects, designers from around the globe for sending in the first-look of your projects to IAnD. We are inundated with your amazing works and simply bask in the design fervour you generate.

In the same breath, I apologise to all those, whom we take time to respond to; whose projects we defer to a later date; or tend to decline due to the stickler policy we follow to bring the best to our discerning audiences. We look forward to hobnobbing with your design sensibilities soon.

Coming to this issue and speaking of influences and thematics - our stories this week follow a simple aesthetic that stuns within its designated nuance: be it a large, deeply cushioned sofa that commands the interior of the home; travel tales that weave a distinct narrative; or a cultural overture that is timeless!

And the highlight of the issue is the newest eco-friendly tableware in the market - Chuk - just launched in Delhi and being launched in Mumbai in the next few days. With dedicated R&D in the waste management segment, here's a great thumbs-up to getting steadily more sensitive towards the environment.

Enjoy the issue.

Savitha Hira




Thought n Impact
Towards a greener society!
At a time, when we need to look at everyday products more responsibly, Therefore Design forays into designing a range of biodegradable tableware…
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Luxury amidst chaos!
Group DCA designs a plush 11,889 sq. ft multi-level residence far removed from its chaotic neighbourhood of Pusa Road, New Delhi…
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Face-lifting the Udipi!
A restaurant that is not just another brick in the wall! South High designed by The Orange Lane stands tall as an unusual take on the classic ‘udipi’ restaurant…
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The art of experience design!
Manoj Patel Design Studio translates the art of selling into a cost-effective and sustainable, flexi-display system for an art gallery in Vadodara…
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In case you missed it earlier.

global hop

Spatial experience!
Architect and designer Saranin Artemy’s home in Perm, Russia takes a cue from a slice of his life!
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Sentiments in design!
Arquitectura en movimiento Workshop refurbishes an old house in Mexico respecting the nostalgic sentiments of its homeowner…
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In case you missed it earlier.
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