Wednesday, December 20, 2017

Timeless essence of handcrafted| Digitising the future| Designer rugs by Abraham &Thakore| Home with a panoramic view| and more

Mukuludola Bungalow in south-western Sri Lanka is a contemporary take on the traditional Sri Lankan house and is designed to frame the scenic surrounds…
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Dear IAnDians,

The mood is festive, and a lot of attention is once again being garnered by décor, gourmet and celebration. In this milieu, we bring you some serene nuggets of design and architecture that inhabit the intellectual pockets of those that seek an equal measure of grey-cell appeasement as any other.

Our stories highlight the opening exhibition at the Shenzhen Biennial on the theme "Minding the Digital", which speaks of multiple synergies, when the route to problem-solving is digital. Taking the historical transition of China from manufacturing centre to innovation hub as the front runner of the thematic, the exhibition is a must-see. The beauty of handcrafted is timeless and this is endorsed, yet again, by Ar. Rahul Menon as he designs around some antiquated furniture - prioritising sentimentality in a contemporary tableau. Likewise, the cover story speaks about an intimate dialogue of this Sri Lankan bungalow with its surrounds. The architecture is almost poetic as it unravels the home to the hills on the outside and the inmates within.

Enjoy the issue and wish you a very Merry Christmas!!

Savitha Hira




The timeless essence of handcrafted
Studio TAB designs a cheerful and youthful contemporary abode in Bangalore that revolves around handcrafted wooden furniture from a bygone era…
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Get floored!
Floor your home with a handcrafted showstopper. It’s time to own a stellar piece from the coveted Abraham & Thakore label…
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global hop

Digitising the future
MVRDV highlights the design process and the inevitable impact of digital creativity in an exhibition with labyrinth-like interiors in Shenzhen…
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Milan’s newest attraction
Opened to public a fortnight ago, Milan’s newest attraction, the CityLife Shopping District boasts of the ZHA signature among its other highlights…
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