Wednesday, December 13, 2017

Exploring the quality of space| The storytellers and the art of the narrative| Home in the lap of nature| Experiential lighting | and more

Studio Renesa Architecture Design Interior curates a retail experience with a strong aesthetic bent…
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Dear IAnDians,

There's always that underlying urge; the desire for something more. Almost unconsciously, the little quest niggles, and the eyes inadvertently seek. Exactly a sentiment that plays large in our stories this week. With Renesa adding on the owner's art to her retail lighting store, the architects have transformed a simple purchase exercise into an experience for the senses.

Likewise, we see two homes, both in the mountains - one exploring the quality of space in conjunction with the occupant - a research that Ar. Jean Verville has been working on over a few years, where he sometimes lists the merits of actually decreasing floor space to enhance quality of space! The other home is a carefully-orchestrated climatically-sensitive abode that demands more from its built form than from its d├ęcor quotient.

The little Rajasthan-themed restaurant in Pune and the interview with graphic design studio, Reverse Thought endorse the initial premise at another tangent - of going the extra leg for that little something that makes a huge difference.

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Savitha Hira




Padharo Mhare Des!
Dine like a Maharaja! The love and hospitality of Indian culture is served in traditional thalis in an eclectic combination of traditional Rajasthan and contemporary design ideas.
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IAnD Exclusive
The storytellers and the art of the narrative!
Reverse Thought Creative Studio Pvt. Ltd., Mumbai attributes client-satisfaction and an intimate connectedness in the business of graphic design, to the art of storytelling….
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global hop

Home in the lap of nature! 
Golany Architects designs a residence in Galilee that takes into consideration the raw landscape that surrounds it.
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Thought n Impact
Exploring the quality of space!
Captivating, but above all, ingenious, the < project eloquently illustrates the fertile and insightful contribution resulting from the great collusion between architect Jean Verville and his clients…
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