Wednesday, December 6, 2017

What makes spas so serene? | Retail drama in monochrome| Revisiting Amrita Sher-Gil| Magical black – a must in your wardrobe| and more…

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Multiple awards winner in the category of wellness and spa design, Alberto Apostoli of his eponymous studio of architecture and design shares his experience of creating environments that make people uber-comfortable.
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Dear IAnDians,

Take a quiet moment to ponder - what makes your day? Is it an exhilarating night out? A meditative session? A carefree shopping spree, perhaps? Yet, the underlying sentiment is the same - it is an experience; and design is all about experiences.

i29 interior architects transform the mundane job of buying travel bags into an absorbing monochrome experience, splitting the spatial elements diagonally for added effect. Likewise, Group DCA architects have designed this co-working space in Delhi - the highlight of which is its simplicity and dash of quirk with rope partitions and assorted chairs, lending the space its functional uniqueness. The experience of a private independent corporate space and the thrill of shopping. Add to this, a sprinkling of meditative silence and uber luxurious surrounds and we check out what makes Studio Alberto Apostoli tick, when designing spas!

Last but not the least - we bring you the story of magical black in your wardrobe - this is for the ladies especially - so they can make superstardom of the forthcoming party season.

Enjoy your read.

Savitha Hira




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global hop

Luggage amidst urban drama!
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A minimal architectural intervention in a garden, by Fran Silvestre Arquitectos materializes as a 70 sq. m. guest pavilion, an extension to a residential project by the studio in Valencia, Spain.
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In case you missed it earlier.
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