Wednesday, January 10, 2018

Indian history in nine stories- a review| The Flying Mosque – a sensory phenomenon| Workspace psychology and interiors| and more

Circumambulating the history of time
Transition spaces hold poignant reflection as connecting links, as they silver-tongue India’s awe-inspiring historical narrative at the ongoing ‘India and the World: A History in Nine Stories’ exhibition at the CSMVS, Mumbai…
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Dear IAnDian,

‘Visual’ and ‘tactile’ have a special place in design. They are like silent proponents of a larger, deeper thought process that comes to the fore in a simplified format. Almost all our stories this week illustrate this.

The cover story – the exhibition design of this important Indian-International relationship that has been especially curated with a collection from three museums – those in Mumbai, Delhi and London, is like a small world in itself; drawing you into it like a vortex and releasing you thereafter – with a weighty chunk of you left behind!

The Flying Mosque is another very immersing and socially significant design story that delves deeply into the overt design process and innately, into the nuanced human psyche.

The other stories – a retail, an office and a home emulate the same thought process on very similar scales. But, the most amazing thing about the realm of design is that it is always in a state of flux. Time and again, concepts are born – some are perpetrated; others fade away. Every year, new ideas arrive, are questioned and canvassed - some are accepted, others forgotten. Part of our job here at India Art n Design(dot)com is to keep an eye out on it all.

So, having taken our baby steps into 2018, what do you think, will be trending in 2018? What will be the shape of things to come? How can you give life to these trends in your personal spaces? These and a lot more… being unravelled for you… starting tomorrow. Stay tuned in!

Savitha Hira




Spatial stimuli
Spatial stimuli
Creative Designer Architects' studio in New Delhi has a fluid, organic vibe conducive to creative discourse…
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The leisurely shopper’s lair!
The leisurely shopper’s lair!
Studio TAB’s design of the retail flagship, Khazir at the J.W. Marriott, Mumbai envisions the entire floor plate of 3000 sq. ft. as a bespoke display area...
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global hop

The Flying Mosque
Thought N Impact
The Flying Mosque
Our environment is a merger of paradoxes. Choi+Shine Architects play on this fusion to create ‘The Flying Mosque’ – an artistic installation made of lace that blurs boundaries of social, behavioural and cultural idioms!
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A simply luxuriant home!
Istanbul based interior design studio Gönye Proje Tasarım designs a modern home prioritising functionality and visual richness in equal measure…
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