Wednesday, January 17, 2018

5 Top architects and designers’ passionate forays in 2018| Global trends that will shape 2018| Décor, soft furnishings, womenswear… what’s in store for 2018| and more

IAnD Exclusive
Team IAnD gets five acclaimed Indian interior designers and architects to reveal their most-looked-forward-to projects in 2018 and beyond…
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Dear IAnDian,

The limitless disciplines of design have always been tasked with decoding difficult social, geographical and technological problems. When we began work on the Trends Special 2018, we expected to pore over our design files in a bid to excavate this year’s design-centric trends - some fleeting and others of great consequence. At the same time, we also made sure to stick by our quest to ensure that each design-led idea that you bring into your life not only carries weight in terms of aesthetics, but also serves a bigger purpose in terms of its design.

To identify 2018’s key trends in the diverse world of design, we’ve brought onboard a slew of forward thinkers in the creative space. With six stories brimming with insights and tips from over 25 industry stalwarts, I trust you’ll enjoy this edition that ambitiously attempts to span almost the entire spectrum of design - from floral design and soft furnishings, to home décor and fashion. Think of these trends as transitory if you will, or consider them here to stay; design, after all, is all about your own perspective.

Besides, we have identified trends in design that are natural reactions to global issues. These are the creative ideas - everlasting inspirations to drive you forward - that are sustainable and inclusive and that keep up with these madding times with the aim of serving a bigger purpose.

And, last but definitely not the least, our Trends Special 2018 concludes on a compelling note that illuminates the creative paths and visionary journeys that some of India’s most outstanding designers are excited to embark on. If there’s one message we can take away from the brilliant design sensibilities of these creatives, it’s that the time has come to trust your inner process. Here’s to moving onwards and upwards!

Three cheers to all that this year will unfold!

Beverly Pereira
Guest Editor – Trends Special 2018

Beverly Pereira is a Mumbai-based content strategist and features writer, who writes about an assortment of lifestyle-centric topics including architecture, art, design, technology, food and travel. Follow her @beverly_pereira on Twitter and Instagram.





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