Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Mumbai finally gets its International cruise terminal| Eateries creatively Bollywoodised| and more…

The iconic design of the all-new cruise terminal in Mumbai will be among the vast repertoire of visual images that the international tourist carries back home from India... 
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Dear IAnDian,

The year has started off on a promising note – the aspirational is finally being fulfilled. Mumbai’s getting its new international cruise terminal – one more iconic landmark in south Mumbai. Designed to leave a mark on the international traveller, this out-and-out contemporary edifice will create a buzz, where heritage talks have reigned.

It is the novel that appeals. Visually stunning makes a mark. Just as the sea-inspired structural framework of the terminal façade or the quirky appeal of designer, Minnie Bhatt’s new restaurants with their Bollywood themes... ingenuity is inherent to both. Take a peek at pop culture recreating the magic of the nineteen seventies here.

Meanwhile, our office is abuzz with the upcoming Realty+ awards that we are Event Associates of. Conferring awards on the industry suppliers is not only like paying great homage to the vast material palette of the building industry that we tend to take for granted, but also brings to light hitherto unexplored nuggets that hold the promise of a better, more sophisticated lifestyle.

So long; until next week. Till then, browse on your old bookmarks. We see a lot of them awaiting attention.

Savitha Hira




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