Wednesday, February 28, 2018

Applying the principles of design thinking| A gallery of bricks| The intelligent electric switch| Going trendy with soft furnishings| and more…

Designer Saranin Artemy of ALLARTSDESIGN turns 115 sq. ft on its head to celebrate an all-day gourmet café in Perm, Russia.
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Dear IAnDian,

Of late, we have often said that design is all about experiences; about the interaction between spaces - negative and positive - and humans. And this synergy can predictably, either be productive or complacent. A tour of the ongoing exhibition, 'Death of Architecture' in Mumbai further establishes this thought.

Without delving into the finer details, as I would urge the fraternity as well as any of you interested in the seriousness of urban development to visit and turn an inward eye, I would say, a conscientious effort such as this is only the beginning of a welcome exercise - that may awaken the people-that-be to the colossal urban chaos that our metro cities are turning into.

On another note, the experientiality continues as we profile for you a small, all-day dine-out in Russia; a brick gallery - yes, that weaves tales of 100 varieties of natural bricks - in Ahmedabad; and the principles of transformation design applied to a university campus in Brazil. We also decode the pattern-on-pattern trend for you, making it easy for you to keep abreast of the latest goings-on in home décor and fashion.

Until next week and another slice of design, Happy Holi!

Savitha Hira




The brick store
Modi Srivastava & Associates ingeniously designs an experiential gallery-cum-showroom for over 100 varieties of bricks in Ahmedabad…
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The pattern-on-pattern trend
Do you often wonder how some décors flaunt a plethora of patterns with aplomb?! 2018 is all set to see the ‘pattern-on-pattern’ or the ‘mixed patterns’ trend being revived in a big way. IAnD decodes the trend for you…
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global hop

Will transformation design give impetus to design thinking?
Pei Cobb Freed & Partners unveils a transformation design for IESB Brasilia’s new university campus…
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Contemporary interior of Slack, Toronto retains ethos of structure
Dubbeldam Architecture + Design’s interior architecture for tech start-up, Slack’s Toronto office reflects the firm’s defining values of empathy, solidarity, and craftsmanship…
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