Wednesday, March 7, 2018

Colour and context-driven interiors take a bow| Emotions rule the interior architecture route| Can a car be an extension of the home?| and more

Identity architects, Ippolito Fleitz Group lend a unique identity to a show apartment in Shanghai, aptly christening it ‘Chromatic spaces’!
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Dear IAnDian,

What is it that we are constantly seeking? An intermittent search - for success, power, financial freedom, a beautiful home, one-of-a-kind business...the list goes on. But the underlying operating mechanism is just one: emotion.

Design plays on our emotions. Irrespective of the nature of the space, its ethos and ambience connects with us in the metaphysical and manifests itself via preconceived notions. Therefore design is subjective.

From the philosophic to the stories we have for you: each one celebrates the emotions of its users - the orthodontist's clinic alleviates fear in the patients, facilitating acceptance in a soothing environment. The open-plan office of Antworks connects with the feeling of freedom - creative and personal as it encourages interactivity and promotes co-working camaraderie. The car showroom plays on luxury as a way of life. And our cover story infuses colour as a natural gradient of everyday living.

It is emotion that keeps us together too.
Enjoy the issue.

Savitha Hira




An office that inspires teamwork
Vision Architects & Interior Designers designs a vibrant workplace that encourages transparency, unconventional thinking and productivity…
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Amrapali Museum: an ode to Indian jewellery
Unseen tribal jewellery and heirlooms in silver and gold from across India pirouette proudly at the recently opened Amrapali Museum in Jaipur…
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global hop

Context-driven design!
Multidisciplinary designer, Natasha Thorpe designs an open-concept orthodontics clinic, where the environment allows for a unique sensory experience that operates seamlessly and cohesively.
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Thought n Impact
“Can we make the car an extension of the home?”
"Can we make the car an extension of the home?" ask Schmidt Hammer Lassen Architects as they reinvent an automotive showroom on the lines of home d├ęcor and pose this question to the users.
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