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Gönye Proje Tasarım architects enriches a modern design line with select materials and fine, delicate details to conceive a flat that is visually rich without compromising on the functionality…
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Dear IAnDian,

Time and again, we have been going back to our ancient texts and practices - food, lifestyle, health... to stem the emotional and physiological disturbances of a jet-setting lifestyle. In more ways than one, slow living is a lifestyle solution that could perhaps bring about the much-awaited difference - and bridge the gap between the compassionate ethos of say, the 1970's - 80's and the devil-may-care now!

Ar. Amit Srivastava resorts to this method in his own abode at Vadodara. Living an enriching, sorted life, literally from the earth, and off the earth is humbling and inspirational. Do check out the story. On similar lines, is the wood and glass home that is beatifically ensconced in nature. Minimalist and efficient, the architecture weaves a stunning narrative.

Perhaps, each of us should go back in time, just a little. A wee bit of introspection and an active resolve to adopt one - just one - element of a give-back-to-nature/society act. And we could review the joy and personal satisfaction the activity could bring.

Enjoy the issue.

Savitha Hira




This home epitomizes a return to slow living
Architect Amit Srivastava takes us for a walk through his minimalist, humble abode in Vadodara…
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Courtyard home
Bangalore-based Cadence Architects designs a 4100 sq. ft. bungalow that creates an inward-looking haven for the residents, blocking out the urban vagaries of the burgeoning metropolis.
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For the confident woman!
Jewellery designer Shaheen Abbas believes in celebrating every woman in all her natural imperfections through her Oro Crudo collection…
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An office that inspires teamwork
Vision Architects & Interior Designers designs a vibrant workplace that encourages transparency, unconventional thinking and productivity…
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One with nature
Bourgeois Lechasseur architects follow nature’s inbuilt dialogue with materiality and context to rebuild an old house in Canada…
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Making small beautiful!
Designer Saranin Artemy of ALLARTSDESIGN turns 115 sq. ft on its head to celebrate an all-day gourmet café in Perm, Russia.
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In case you missed it earlier.
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