Wednesday, March 21, 2018

Guwahati international airport design unveiled| Time-space nature of architecture| OooMy Design’s playful shelving| and more

The new international terminal building for the Guwahati airport designed by Design Forum International along with a team of 15 design and consulting firms curates a series of moments and experiences for the travellers...
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Dear IAnDian,
Storytelling is an age-old and proven testimonial that gives design its soul. Intuition on one hand is balanced by a strategized, premeditated approach that not only culls out functional design, but makes it iconic in many instances. Our cover story today follows this approach employing empathy at its core. While putting the focus on the traveller is a given in transportation design, delving into subtle behavioural nuances, augments the process and consequently, the results.

Another heart-warming exercise is observed in the 'time-space nature of architecture', where cinematic - specifically the film noir genre of yesteryears is recreated as a magical interface between the user and the built-form! Do check out the full story.

Let's leave you to explore the rest. Until next week...au revoir.

Savitha Hira




A child’s very own kingdom
Spirit architects and designers blueprint a modern-day pre-primary school that is an extension of homely comfort and ambience, keeping the child’s psyche at the core…
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Heritage from a technological perspective
rat[LAB]interiors fuses heritage references and patterns of the ‘pink city’ with computational design and digital fabrication, turning the interiors of Farzi Café, Jaipur into a feast for the senses…
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In case you missed it earlier.

global hop

The time-space nature of architecture!
The architects at More Design Office (MDO), Shanghai, curate the ambiguous relationship between actor and audience in the built form of the Jianliju Theatre Company, making it an interesting examination of typology… Read more »
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A house as powerful as the lake!
Camp Minoh, a vacation home in Northern Michigan, designed by Ar. William Kaven, attempts to reflect the massiveness of the Michigan lake…
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