Wednesday, April 18, 2018

Holland to get new public art that establishes its identity on the map| Summer Fashion – its Hot!!| A singing building| and lots more…

Spaces Architects@ka craft a theme-based work-space in Delhi that takes us through the life-cycle of their clients’ denim product.
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Dear IAnDian,

When Frank Lloyd Wright said that “the mother art is architecture”, he was referring to a profound integration of different disciplines that come together for the benefit of the whole. To understand this in its full profundity, is a feat in itself. Many a times, what meets the eye and what touches the soul are two very different things – emanating from the same premise. Think about it. In fact, apply it to context as we unveil the week’s fare for you: theme-based office cum showroom by Spaces Architects@ka has Delhi-based Ar. Kapil Agarwal thematically deconstruct the way the factory works to arrive at a beautifully defined store-cum-manufacturing space without compromising on the aesthetic.

And aesthetic can have its own agenda: the building that sings proves this. Design firm, DMOA demonstrates that soundscapes, when effected along a building façade can make an interesting design story with human perception and behaviour at its core.

Then there is the public art installation that uses yet another interface of communicating diverse parameters of societal evolution to a person. And the list goes on…

Cheers to an enjoyable read!

Savitha Hira



Bringing India home!
Sumessh Menon Associates refurbishes a large villa in Dubai that meets Indian design aspirations, while playing with regional touches.
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Summer fashion 2018
A peppy flurry of florals, bold sequins, pastels and flowing silhouettes string together the mood for stylish chic this season. Check out our recommended style file…
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global hop

Public art installation as city landmark
“The SeaSaw for Den Helder is a memorable, undulating public art installation, which responds to its context and history, whilst literally representing the dynamics of the sea in its infinite movement,” says Jacob van Rijs, co-founder, MVRDV.
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Thought n Impact
A singing building to brighten your day!
The recently designed headquarters building of architectural office DMOA in Leuven, Belgium sings! Yes, you read that right.
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