Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Sensitivity in design|| Strom R3 – India’s new electric car| Beyond social media

Marked changes in workplace culture call for them being continually redefined. Samira Rathod of architectural and interior practice SRDA works on an altogether different tangent, where camaraderie rules and the ‘desk’ is a piece of art!
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Dear IAnDian,

When we look at design, the first thing that drives a connect is the sensitivity ingrained in the ethos of the space, the product, or sometimes in the little details that define the macro picture.
Purpose-driven design introduces us to a premeditated conceptual approach - a means to an end. You will find this quality dominating our cover story - an ephemeral workspace - where an intense treatment belies the sensitivity of a well-defined methodology. Ar. Samira Rathod weaves the charm of abstraction into a simple office interior, underlining its work culture as a statement for all (who wish) to see. I would suggest that you read between the lines as our correspondent, Beverly enunciates the hidden via the obvious.

And the issue is packed with more... a youthful restaurant in Russia; a review of the Mezza card game; you can view Sunday's live updates of the launch on our Facebook channel @indiaartndesign and read the review of the just launched new electric car, Strom 3 in Mumbai; the first-of-its-kind write-and-erase robot; a delicate approach to housing ceramic heirlooms for posterity - the ceramics museum and more...

Until next week...

Savitha Hira




Luxury drive - now more than affordable!
With electric as the green-way forward, will the just-launched Strom R3 – designed-and-made-in-India, all-electric, all-smart car strike the mark?
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Duality in design!
Leveraging a multi-functional approach, Ar. Gautam Shewa of Mdeco chisels out a convertible space that serves both, as an office and apartment in an eclectic Mumbai suburb…
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global hop

Beyond social media!
AllArtsDesign in Perm is an all-Russian coffee-house offering old world charm set on a tech driven platter.
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‘Mazza’ with Mezza!
Played Shithead?! Well, here’s a new version – the Mezza Card game – that will keep you glued for more as the thrill builds up and enthusiasm is renewed afresh!
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Sensitivity of ceramics enveloped in contrasts!
Interior architects, i29 curate a brand-new experience of the Princessehof National Museum of Ceramics located in the European Capital of Culture, Leeuwarden.
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A house as powerful as the lake!
Camp Minoh, a vacation home in Northern Michigan, designed by Ar. William Kaven, attempts to reflect the massiveness of the Michigan lake…
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In case you missed it earlier.
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