Wednesday, May 23, 2018

The singular element in design!

This is not your regular Chinese retail store! Designed by Domani Architectural Concepts, the futuristic outlet of Roaring Wild has been painting the town red…
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Dear IAnDian,

A singular focal element in design has held its importance universally and unequivocally. This week, we bring you designs centred around this showstopper in the design/ architecture of a space, a built form, even an installation. As Rutvi, an architect and our correspondent points out, "Not very many designers want one single element to pillar their design, it can go so wrong at times," but here we are, struck by the tenacity of these designs.

Light-emitting translucent concrete is no new finding. Yet, the way it has been incorporated into the facade and the interior of the boutique bank in Jordon made us share this interesting read with you. Design studio Orproject's continual thrust with materiality and elasticity in relation to ecology finds a new expression in an art installation for a private collector. Do check out the enterprising life-size sculpture.

Coming to our cover story - the big, bold, beautifully undulating red stairs for retail design, 'Roaring Wild' narrates its whole story visually. The architect purports to achieve a balance between the seen and the unseen - tangible vs. intangible.

Have a great read!

Savitha Hira




A stimulating game of perception
Integrating natural elements into computer-aided design, Orproject’s latest and award winner of the A-Design Gold for 2018 is a sculptural art installation that explores the medium of light as a material.
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Where light is the hero!
A signature concept of form and colour enhancing simplicity and peculiarity, Aesthetics Beauty Clinic allures you to enter out of sheer curiosity…
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Thought n Impact
Translucent concrete creates special effects for boutique bank
Ar. Saja Nahashibi of Paradigm Design House uses light-transmitting concrete panels for a first-of-its-kind exceptional atmosphere and inviting design for the Capital Bank in Amman, Jordan…
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For the love of cars!
French sculptor Antoine Dufilho explores the versatility of metal in his design of a fleet of seductive cars - limited-edition collector’s masterpieces…
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