Wednesday, May 16, 2018

Design can be both - love and lust!

RMDK-designed jewellery store HSJ in Lucknow, stands testimony to the dictum ‘where art meets luxury’…
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Dear IAnDian,

There are always two sides to a coin. Repeatedly said, but profound. Apply it to the design that we see around us, and you will note that whilst on the one hand, there is a sustained sustainable movement fronting its way steadily through the design fabric, there is the other world of materiality, heightened aesthetics, and pomp and glory.

This is no argument that this is ticked right or that is a no-no approach. Both co-exist, and happily too. In this issue, we bring you a bit of both - a hotel being designed by Ar. Margot Krasojevic in China, where she uses tidal energy to power the hotel and its immediate surrounds. The entire schematic is a diligent exercise in space, form and heightened engineering besides its consumer-friendly approach. An interesting read this.

The other end of the scale is on our cover - the flagship for the century-plus renowned jewellery store has design studio RMDK culling out an absolutely luring shopping experience as it carefully puts together the principles of traditional craftsmanship in the now.

Enjoy your read with the other interests too. You can pick between the an open-to-the-elements home on a high-rise, a sculptures exhibit featuring limited-edition cars, designer Philippe Starck’s tryst with minimalist footwear and more…

Savitha Hira




High-rise home with unobstructed views – inside out!
Shalin Gandhi opens a high-rise home to its surrounding vistas, whilst maintaining an equally-engaging interiorscape…
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The all-white interior!
Design firm ShroffLeon demonstrates how judicious reconfiguration of internal spaces and an all-white palette transforms a seemingly ordinary home into an enviable abode…
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In case you missed it earlier.

global hop

For the love of cars!
French sculptor Antoine Dufilho explores the versatility of metal in his design of a fleet of seductive cars - limited-edition collector’s masterpieces…
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Thought n Impact
First renewable resource positive energy hotel
Ar. Margot Krasojević is looking to develop a type of hotel, which goes beyond catering to travellers, to contribute to its immediate environment by producing clean reusable energy…
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