Wednesday, May 9, 2018

Making memories at leisure

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Hospitality design is all that wishful thinking is made of. It gives wings to some of our aspirations and expectations…
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Dear IAnDian,

With a focus on aspirations, desires and expectations, this hospitality special issue traverses pockets of recreation and leisure spanning from the casual delicatessen to speciality food; from the buzz-of-the-town youthful adda to fine dine and ultimately, to luxury at its peak!

With each designer having his/her signature style, each space stands testimony to the segment it caters to. Narratives are woven, stories are written, colours are infused into hospitality spaces, marking them - tailoring them to mass appeal.

Whilst we've done our best to give you the mindsets behind the ambience, it's for you now to discover how well it suits your taste buds!

Enjoy the issue!

Savitha Hira




Exploring the narrative in design!
Viman Nagar Social designed by the sprightly Shabnam Gupta, effortlessly juxtaposes the spirit of erstwhile Pune with the city’s young, urban vibe.
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Love and cheesecakes!
Young design practice, Swati Shah Designs draws the brand footprint of two of Café Poetry’s most recent outlets in Mumbai.
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Pune gets its most stunning bar!
It’s Sumessh Menon yet again: honing his art of crafting new-age materials into grand hospitality venues. His latest offering is Pune’s Masala Bar…
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Experience celebrity moments - Bollywood style! 
Interior designer, Minnie Bhatt puts a spin on Bollywood iconography with two funky, Bollywood-inspired restaurants: Nau se Barah and The Fan Club…
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In case you missed it earlier.

global hop

Anticipating Waya – the floating city-hotel!
Lazzarini Design Studio is working towards offering a novel holiday experience - derived from the concept of cruising – a floating city-hotel that offers exclusive citizenship.
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Healthy, with a slice of Italy!
While Italian chefs take over traditional gastronomy, a signature Masquespacio design hits the contemporary nail on the head. Italian piadinas now in Lyon, France…
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