Wednesday, May 2, 2018

When shadows come to life| A study in white| Paul Sandip’s extraordinary love for everyday objects| Lara Morakhia’s upcycled jewellery| and more

Ar. Fran Silvestre’s architecture touches the metaphysical as it throws light on important conjectures in design. Here is an apartment that alludes to a study in white…
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Dear IAnDian,

There is always an unidentified depth in design. Irrespective, whether it is a large building, an everyday product or just a small, seemingly insignificant detail of design. All it needs is the trained eye. This issue is abuzz with both - design and details.

From awe-inspiring - like the shadow play architectural installation by Lucion Media, to repurposed antique jewellery with fine silver and ornamental gold flourishes by the amazingly enterprising Lara Morakhia; from the enamoured-with-everyday-objects - designed by Paul Sandip - winner of three Red Dot honours and the brain behind a lot of our taken-for-granted useful objects, to the introduction of quirk as a specifier - as you will see in out Product Hub offerings; to the soul searching of the cover story - an all-white apartment from Spain by none other than Ar. Fran Silvestre... every story we bring you imparts a take-away.

So, beat the heat and get immersed in some cool stuff. And, yes please, continue writing to us. All your feedback is being published in conjunction with the respective features. And, your valuable suggestions are being deliberated upon by our teams.

Savitha Hira




For the love of everyday objects
“The motivation to innovate is yet to see its high in India,” opines Paul Sandip. With a coveted portfolio to his credit, the industrial designer in a candid tête-à-tête with IAnD…
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Upcycling antique jewellery
Lara Morakhia stylises, upcycles and re imagines antique jewellery to create wearable art. Her latest collection is inspired by Indian architectural marvels…
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global hop

When shadows come to life!
Lucion Media’s Shadow Play is an enchanting cinematic installation based on shadow theatre, the world’s oldest imaging technique…
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Not just a tiny café…
As clichéd as it may sound, great things come in small packages! Visit the 215 square foot REDCUPSALUT by AllArtsDesign and this thought won’t leave you!
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