Wednesday, June 6, 2018

The urge to do something different!

Black in its bewitching tones embodies contemporary luxury, whilst providing a sensory experience; as AD Architecture endorses this apartment with an archaic philosophical bent…
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Dear IAnDian,

The urge to do something different consumes us all at some point or the other. So, we bring you that something different in three different scenarios of interiors (two from China) and not to leave fashion behind – you can read about designer Payal Khandwala’s reversible sarees!

The right kind of lighting can play a very significant role in the design and the mood that emanates from its confines. Check out GD Lighting Design’s take on an expansive office in a mixed-use building in Guangzhou, China. Subtlety at its best!

The other project from Guangzhou is an all-black interior envelope that literally creates a variety of moods in different shades of black. Understated and mesmerising; yet, perhaps, a trifle boring in the long run.

On the fashion front, the reversible saree could light up your mood – not to mention – your wardrobe; especially since you get two for the price of one! And, it’s different!

Savitha Hira




The reversible sari: double bonanza!
Fashion designer Payal Khandwala amps up the beauty and multi-functionality of the traditional sari by launching a line of reversible saris.
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Ambiences that make memories
Hospitality design is all that wishful thinking is made of. It gives wings to some of our aspirations and expectations…
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In case you missed it earlier.

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Minimalist and luxurious
Studio Vara infuses warmth and a modern and spacious character into an uninspired white box of a loft in San Francisco...
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The right kind of lighting!
Lighting consultants, GD-Lighting Design employ principles of minimalism and optimum functionality to bring alive the interior design at the mixed-use Poly Yuzhu Port project, Guangzhou City.
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