Wednesday, November 28, 2018

In dialogue with brick and mortar

Very few architects have a way with walls. The way they chisel the built form speaks volumes for the spaces carved, the human interaction with them and the surrounds. The 5-Element House by Studio PKA is one such abode…
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Dear IAnDian,

An innate social responsibility shines through all our stories this week. Responsibility that is born out of respect for nature, for heritage, for human and plant life; almost like an ode to inherent aesthetics.

Handcrafted sensitivity of Bangladesh meets the precision of the Dutch as a collaborative effort by both architects culls out a village supermarket more like a community centre. A beautiful merger of function and humanitarian values.

Just as serene and sentimental, is the restoration and refurbishment of an old mansion in East China that is now transformed into a boutique hotel. Restraint proves to be the showstopper in this architectural makeover.

And of course, our cover story on studio PKA from Mumbai that yet again endorses the fact that when architecture speaks it's potent language, it results in a bonding of human and surrounds as none other.

Enjoy the issue. There's plenty to mull over...

Warm regards,
Savitha Hira



Timeless interiors 
It is said, “The world is a book, but if you don’t travel, it’s just a page”. Modi Srivastava & Associates carve out a niche travel office that paves the way for worldly comfort…
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In case you missed it earlier.
IAnD Exclusive
Let colour guide your style 
Colour can at times effect a more potent communiqué than words! We bring you six sizzling hot colours to choose from or maybe pick a shade from all and decorate your home with panache…
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In case you missed it earlier.

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Thought n Impact
Lending identity through architecture
An experiential delight - visceral and raw, this village supermarket reinterprets traditions to interact powerfully with its users.
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The value of restraint!
anySCALE Architecture Design studio restores, conserves and readapts a 300-year-old Huizhou-style property deep in East China’s Jiangxi Province with a sensitivity that blends the grace of ancient China with the luxury of a 21st-century hotel.
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Thought n Impact
Wellness at the workplace
Surpassing the clichéd norm of the office gym, People’s Architecture Office designs the Leping Foundation headquarters in Beijing as a workplace that focusses on wellbeing.
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Dubai to get a new icon!
Hermann Kamte & Associates (HKA) unveils its proposal for an iconic water park in Dubai, the design of which intends to break the record for the largest iconic leisure park in the world, the tallest water slider, and the largest man-made waterfall building…
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In case you missed it earlier.
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