Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Design… and a little of that human touch!

In the city of Xian, Tomoko Ikegai designs the YJY Maike Flagship Store - a bookstore and commercial complex that celebrates the intersection of people, cultures and books.
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Dear IAnDian,

We are currently enjoying a phase, where technology and its positives have spearheaded us into a futuristic aura that is at once appealing and adaptable. But with its several plusses come the little niggers of a life well spent before the onslaught of all things technology. An era that most of the millennials are not even aware of. The very fact that they are kickass about the remix of an old melody, are intrigued by a traditional and detailed process, or are happy to adopt a tried-and-tested formulaic solution... shows that the new generation needs to be introduced to choice segments of our past, exactly like we would refill a new bottle with aged wine!

Look a little closely at our stories this week - a palatial home that caters to different personalities yet finds its balance via the overall design approach. A small café in Shanghai that uses the juxtaposition of opposites to carve out a niche space for a product (coffee) and an audience! A made-to-measure store that ups the oomph quotient of a bespoke, traditional craft. And our cover story that features a book store cum library cum café cum event space speaks of a cultural hangout that seems the need of the hour to bring the human touch back into the hands-on, jet-setting world!

A little introspection goes a long way! Enjoy the issue.

Warm regards,
Savitha Hira



This home is a beautiful mix of the homeowners’ personalities and their lifestyle choices!
Borrowing from a variety of design styles, Aum Architects fashion this home with harmony, flair and dollops of personality…
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This store defines classical rootedness in contemporary luxury!
RMDK Architects use design as the transitioning tool to transform a long-standing family business into a fresher, more contemporary avatar.
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global hop

Is coffee going to win?
Surprisingly, in the predominantly tea drinking Chinese society, Time More café designed by Robot 3 Studio, lures in consumers to a coffee experience like no other!
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This is a home not simply in the desert, but of the desert!
Kendle Design Collaborative pushes the envelope of modern desert architecture with the design of this contextual, timeless edifice incorporating conventional residential typology…
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In case you missed it earlier.
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