Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Luxury Homes Special: Do plush residences mean evolved lifestyles?!

IAnD Exclusive
By designing a beautiful house nestled into Arizona’s mountainous rock, Kendle Design Collaborative celebrates the quiet and serenity that nature has to offer.
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Dear IAnDian,

This week, we started out to talk about plush residences and evolving lifestyles in this Luxury Homes Special. As we documented the projects, we realised that they were not just plush - in the various connotations of their application - but had a lot to do with communing with nature. While on the one hand, people seem to want the best in terms of a contemporary home; on the other, they also want that connect with nature that our concrete jungles have made increasingly elusive.

So, when we speak of evolved lifestyles - we speak of a more-aware, more sensitive-to-the-times vocabulary that comes from an erudite mindset, wanting and making the most of available resources to make a difference to the environment in their own small way. So, can a plush residence be equated to an evolved lifestyle? Yes, it can; in more ways than one.

We hope you enjoy the projects as much as we did, collating them for you.

Warm regards,
Savitha Hira


Brinda Somaya: a woman for all seasons!


IAnD Exclusive
A home with an aura of the tropics!
A luxury residence designed with a strong connection to nature and exuding a timeless appeal, sits amidst an urban jungle in Hyderabad…
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IAnD Exclusive
This home communes with nature via glass walls and a louvered courtyard!
Moriq Interiors uses the courtyard typology to design a contemporary residence close to nature, aligning its ethos with understated luxury…
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global hop

IAnD Exclusive
A holiday home in the mountains!
Overlooking the St. Lawrence River, this home blends into its immediate surrounds with interior and exterior spaces juxtaposed and superimposed, leaving no hints of the technical challenges posed by the double cantilevers and heated sections.
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This home reinterprets traditional Alpine connections in an arresting contemporary vernacular
Against the spectacular skyline of the Alps, Stefan Hitthaler Architektur unveils the Rubner House, that sits poised on a Tyrolean Farm, a ‘Maso’.
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