Wednesday, June 26, 2019

World’s first disposable paper urine bag |Athens building façade inspired by speeding traffic| Top 5 at the London Design Fair 2019| Green offices in Gurugram |and more

ADD Architecture Studio taps its ingenious approach to lighting and spatial design to deliver an on-brand aesthetic for the headquarters of Greek fashion brand Devotion Twins in Athens.
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Dear IAnDian,

Every creative work is pegged at a centralised thought. Whether it is the written word, a speech or an architectural design, it revolves around a centralised phenomenon - be it an inspiration, a passing thought that is fed to grow; or even a thing of beauty that inculcates a philosophic bent!

It is interesting - even intriguing - to note that quirk can sometimes give birth to a logical and evolving idea that can be transformative in addition to being distinct. When the architects in Athens, Greece were faced with designing an upmarket retail building along the National Highway in an industrial area in Athens, with jet-setting vehicles along the highway as a constant source of distraction, they turned it into the highlight by studying both light and orientation. The result is the headquarters of Greek fashion brand, Devotion Twins - a striking edifice with equally intriguing interiors and exteriors - the façade being a dynamic element inspired by the speeding vehicles on the highway! Do check out our cover story for the details.

An extension of luxury for an evolving lifestyle in Vadodara; a workplace with enough green cover to bring in a breath of fresh air; and loads of must-see-must-visit suggestions from the London Design Fair 2019! Cheers to some wholesome reading this week.

Warm regards,
Savitha Hira



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