Wednesday, August 21, 2019

A whimsical holiday home| In contemporary dialogue with nature| Eco solution to public peeing | and more…

Ar. Shonan Purie Trehan of LAB creates spaces of both, purpose and whimsy as she addresses this holiday home - Finalist in the World Architecture Festival 2019 Completed Buildings: Villa category - with multiple vantage points in its scenic locale…
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Dear IAnDian,

There are always more ways than one to do something... always another viewpoint... another aspect to the story... another approach to design. This is what comes to the fore in our stories this week, where a sales office is designed with brisk versatility to be converted into a leisure space in future; an adaptive re-use project that stands out in simple contemporaneity; and especially so in the cover feature, where a holiday home has a hat-ke take on the planning of this villa in the lap of nature.

Each of the stories offers a take-away. All one needs is a closer look and a diligent read. The fact that design is multi-dimensional and engages with its enthusiasts in an open, no-holds-barred terrain, makes it all the more laudable that every single effort - even the minutest - is sensitised and commended.

Let me leave you to take the thought forward...

Savitha Hira




When luxury is supremely simplified!
Urbane, chic, spacious, welcoming and warm are a few adjectives that describe this 900 sq. ft. apartment by GA Design, renovated for a well-travelled enthusiastic family of six...
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It’s all about the choreography of light!
Ar. Rajesh Patel designs a chic home for an elderly couple in South Mumbai, using simple design interventions, bespoke art and schematic lighting...
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In case you missed it earlier.

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A real estate sales centre that mimics an art gallery!
Known to craft unique identities for its clients, Ippolito Fleitz adopts a millennial-friendly approach to design a progressive sales centre for real estate developer CIFI in Chongqing, China - one of the world’s largest cities...
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This modernist brewery reveals traces of the structure’s charming past
Studio Modijefsky works hand-in-glove with the Nieuwe Bouwen architectural style to transform its rich architectural character into a contemporary, trendy taproom…
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