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Adaptive and creative reuse| Mental health and workplace design| A little Italy in Russia| and more…

Studio PKA repurposes a wasted space into a furniture retail outlet - Finalist in INSIDE - World Festival of Interiors 2019 Retail category - juxtaposing contemporary charm with the old-world character of the heritage precinct of Ballard Estate in South Mumbai…
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Dear IAnDian,

Adaptive and creative reuse are terms that have their roots in the age-old Indian mindset of jugaad. The intuitive practice of our ancestors, irrespective of their qualifications and expertise in design, was more a natural response to stuff than a mindful solution. One can say that an ingrained value-system was at play.

Without dwelling on the paucity of this aspect of our lives in current times, we veer your attention towards the cover story and its adaptive reuse ethos. No doubt, this is an excellent footprint towards conservation and sustainability. Also, take a look at our Product Hub section, and you will see how Denim is being repurposed in handcrafted sunglasses, giving impetus to a new fashion statement.

Besides these, check out mental wellbeing as the foci of interior design; how Bohemian style remains evergreen; and how architectural vocabulary effects community development...

Enjoy the read!

Savitha Hira



Recalling mental health to the forefront of workplace design
Neogenesis+Studi0261 designs an office space in Surat that embodies mental wellbeing, catalysed by natural elements, earthy materials and passive strategies.
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Will the biometric switch plate add a new dimension to home automation?
Biometrics at home are shifting focus from security to convenience! Product designer Paul Sandip designs a sleek home automation switch plate with biometric access control for smart switches...
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In case you missed it earlier.

global hop

Designer Saranin Artemy uses a layered approach to define this Italian café in Russia
Saranin Artemy of Studio ALLARTSDESIGN uses a Boho-chic style statement to establish an out-and-out Italian café in Russia…
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Redefining a cultural ethos!
A consortium of architects and BIG chisel a contemporaneous architectural program that translates into a massive monolithic cultural centre, MECA, bringing the people of Bordeaux city together in an awe-inspiring sense of belonging…
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product hub


READER Interaction  

IAnD asked: Where is modern architecture taking us? What are we going to leave behind for our generations to come…??

Simon Turton MPRCA Director OPERA PR & COMMUNICATIONS, London answered:

In the UK the government and the media is constantly referring to the ‘climate emergency’ that we are all facing and yet in the real world little is changing. On the housing front we have an increasing number of developments being built in villages and on the edge of towns, but few of these developments — if any — incorporate links to public transport. They all rely on the owners having at least one car to get to work or the shops. The houses are being built without solar power being included or without any other form of renewable energy and no grey waste recycling. There are a few eco-led developments in the UK, but they are few and far between. When it comes to shopping, most high streets in the UK are in decline as people increasingly shop online or travel to out-of-town shopping centres, again, in their cars and not on public transport. The appeal of the shopping centre, in a general wet UK, is obvious. Plenty of free parking and everything under one roof, with a great selection of shops, eateries and entertainment, which are all open for longer than those still on the high street. If the UK government is committed to the reduction in CO2 emissions, they need to start encouraging builders to include renewable energy technologies and ensure that new housing developments are built to incorporate public transport and local amenities that residents could walk to — schools, shops, restaurants — otherwise all their talking is just a lot of hot air.
Kind regards
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