Wednesday, February 19, 2020

Inviting participation in a design-led research initiative related to the act of honking | and more

Honouring a 30-year legacy of excellent service, Dipen Gada and Associates style the interiors of Vadodara’s Narayan Jewellers showroom as an elegant boutique…
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Dear IAnDian,

It is amazing how a random thought gains ground and translates into a knowledge-driven learning exercise. Our research initiative, "KyaBola??" with reference to the act of honking (what did the horn say?) is as much a call for design resolutions to curb honking, as it is to assist the evolution of the modest horn.

With several tangents to the problem of increasing honking and noise pollution on our roads, a diverse Panel of Experts will be approaching the subject from the angles of behavioural psychology, design of the honk horn and its evolution, the role of communication and on-road etiquette and related issues of governance and policies that be.

The initiative is open to all creative minds. We urge you to participate and voice your suggestions. So spread the word and participate here http://bit.ly/KyaBola

Besides the highlighted campaign, we bring you stories that exemplify the role of inspiration in spatial planning and design: a jewellery showroom in Vadodara; a home in Ahmedabad and an office in Qingdao, China.

Enjoy the issue.

Savitha Hira



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Invitation to participate in "KyaBola??" - a design-led research initiative related to the act of 'honking'
Irritated by the sound of relentless, unwarranted honking? Well, here’s your chance to propose a design resolution to this problem.
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Warmth, elegance and inherent bonding define this home in Ahmedabad
Ignitus Architecture Studio designs a vibrant, spacious and functionally active interior - facilitating all the basic needs of a traditional Gujarati family, concurrently spilling luxury into their lifestyle...
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global hop

Restrained indulgence defines CIFI Sales Centre in Qingdao, China
Ippolito Fleitz Group’s interior design for the CIFI Sales Centre in Qingdao immerses visitors in a maritime lifestyle…
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The emotive playscape - kids’ shopping arcade cum playhouse!
Conceived by Panorama Design Group in central Hong Kong, the K11 MUSEA is a kids’ shopping arcade cum playhouse – the very first of its kind.
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In case you missed it earlier.
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