Wednesday, February 12, 2020

An achromatic bachelor pad in Kiev| Jewellery for the connoisseur| Dialogue between built form and landscape| and more

This residence embraces the tropical context of Vietnam, intensifying interactions between architecture and nature, negotiating form, function and experience.
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Dear IAnDian,
Our cover story - a multi-storey home in Vietnam repeats an oft-visited premise - that of a synergistic existence between the built form and the landscape. Seamlessness between the indoors and outdoors somehow always appears to align a refreshing take on the design despite the underlying feeling of déjà vu. The dialogue of the positive spaces and voids builds the spatial organisation to an altogether different level here. A must-read.

Toeing the line of minimalism is the other project from Kiev - a bachelor pad that celebrates achromatic colour and the use of restraint in interior design.

Moving on to the opposite end of the spectrum - we have for you the restaurant Masala Republic in Hyderabad - a potpourri of indulgences. And the Westin Spa and Resort in-the-making at Jaipur - a la tropical Balinese style...

And for the ultimate indulgence - jewellery, and bespoke designer at that, check out designer Meet Kamdar Avlani's latest ring made from a rare Zambian emerald with a cabochon cut!

Enjoy the issue.

Savitha Hira



Tropical indulgence in the Pink City
Westin Spa & Resort is being designed by GPM Architects & Planners as an experience- driven destination not only for tourists, but also as a weekend getaway for the residents of Jaipur…
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Curvilinear profiles, smart accents and a sophisticated aura - up the interiors of Masala Republic in Hyderabad
Dhruva Kalra of studio RMDK crafts a restaurant in urban Hyderabad, eclectically tying together elements of local flavour with chic décor, focussing on the sensory take-aways of a youthful dining experience…
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global hop

Restrained minimalism and achromatic colour define this bachelor-pad in Kiev
Igor Sirotov Architects designs an urbane bachelor-pad using stone as the predominant material, monochrome as the hue and flexi-walls as the modern expression of the interiors…
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Japanese hotel uses cultural motif as contemporary facade design!
Himematsu Architecture Studio introduces the traditional hemp pattern as the focal loci of a quaint hotel in Tokyo – marking its cultural authenticity on the tourist map…
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In case you missed it earlier.
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In case you missed it earlier.
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