Wednesday, March 18, 2020

New Batman’s cape – design solution to covid-19| The dynamics of creativity| Brand building through design| and more

Chitte Architects design an upbeat office for themselves, drawing inspiration from cave dwellings to create the dynamics conducive to a creative atmosphere…
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Dear IAnDian,
The pandemic has created much pandemonium with ‘work-from-home’ elected as the most recommended option. Luckily for IndiaArtnDesign, this has been the core mode of working since the last 6 years! Yes, this gives me the opportunity to introduce you to our regular way of working – independent, flexible, progressive and comfortable – each in our own little world; yet absolutely connected to the team and to you – our patrons and inspiration.

So, amid depressing news from all quarters – we bring you a design response to the virus. Penda Architects from China have designed a cape that creates a protective layer around you as you go out and meet people – anti Covid-19 and more like Batman. Check it out in our Product Hub section.

Staying buoyant, our stories this week are not just interesting design projects but ones that are inspiring as well. The Crazy Pianos music club in Den Haag is a beautiful case in point of harmonised maximalism – vivid and alive. Wearable art takes on a new avatar – on handbags. An experience centre in Chennai puts the spotlight on electric bikes and our cover story – the dynamic studio of Chitte Architects in Vadodara is definitely worth a read!

Take care and stay safe. Until next week…

Savitha Hira



Handmade and Haute
There is nothing that creates carefully constructed ripples more than a beautifully handcrafted, hand-painted bag, because murmurs of stunning art make a splash wherever you go…
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Brand building through design
True to its name and comparable to a museum, the Ather Experience Centre at Chennai embodies a spatial design that forms an intrinsic part of the user experience.
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global hop

Crazy Pianos Club: A design to live and experience!
Crazy Pianos is undoubtedly a different club. Instead of a DJ, two red pianos entertain diners, until they get the public dancing around them…
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Blurring boundaries between architecture and landscape
This residence embraces the tropical context of Vietnam, intensifying interactions between architecture and nature, negotiating form, function and experience.
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In case you missed it earlier.
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In case you missed it earlier.
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