Wednesday, March 4, 2020

Somerset Museum’s new permanent exhibition| Sustained research into fibre-reinforced concrete| Public installation as a communication tool| and more

Vincent Leroy reveals "The Sun Always Rises in the East" in China, a symbolic installation that mirrors the brightest star, its restful rhythm evoking introspection.
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Dear IAnDian,

The aptitude to probe - research and dig deep into a subject often helps curate and integrate various approaches, mindsets and explore hitherto unthought-of tangents to the issue at hand. And this aspect seems universal - as we've observed in our stories this week.

From Studio Kossmanndejong exploring modern museum ideas in Somerset, England, incorporating technology to enjoy the story of gardens in its new dedicated permanent exhibition, to the footwear designer trying to revisit the historic Indian jutti and revive it as a modernised comfort wannabe; from the research explorations of ZHA studios working with continuous organic forms and French artist introspecting about the elusive elements of nature via his signatory public installation in Kumming, China - our cover story - the most evident emotion that surfaces is that of thirst - unquenchable thirst for something that we don't know; something that we seem to be constantly seeking.

This inherent need to learn, assimilate and improvise is what keeps one going in life. Our research initiative #KyaBola is toeing the same line. With responses being varied and tangential, you have just two days left to make yourself heard. So, click on the link on the banner alongside and be a significant change catalyst.

Have a great week!

Savitha Hira



Foot Couture: It’s time to go gaga over sole wear!
The glamorised jutti is fizzying it up while it remains true to its vintage form. What stands out is that each stylish sole is a bold and brilliant detour from the usual!
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Curvilinear profiles, smart accents and a sophisticated aura - up the interiors of Masala Republic in Hyderabad
Dhruva Kalra of studio RMDK crafts a restaurant in urban Hyderabad, eclectically tying together elements of local flavour with chic décor, focussing on the sensory take-aways of a youthful dining experience…
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In case you missed it earlier.

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Somerset Museum's latest inclusion is an ode to the story of gardening
From the walled gardens of Pompeii to the minimalist and contemporary landscapes of the present, Studio Kossmanndejong designs the museum of gardens - expressing through art, media and nature the relevance of gardens today…
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Miami gets Zaha Hadid’s One Thousand Museum
Miami’s 62-storey residential tower continues Zaha Hadid Architects’ research into high-rise construction that defines a fluid architectural expression consistent with the engineering for the entire height of a structure…
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In case you missed it earlier.
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