Wednesday, April 15, 2020

IAnD proposes a new mantra – Stay informed. Stay inspired!

Interior designer Saheba Singh crafts a modern, globally chic bar and lounge in Tokyo, subtly referencing inherent and nuanced traits of Japanese and Indian cultures...
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Dear IAnDian,

One sure way of beating the blues of the pandemic is positive action. And Team IAnD is doing this in two special ways: we've just kicked in a special series called 'Nostaligia' that has some of the best architects and designers reminisce about the projects or nuances thereof that they hold extra-close to their hearts. This week, you will get to read stories from Ar. Reza Kabul and Ar. Gurjit Singh Matharoo.

The second is an upcoming series on our YouTube channel, where you will see stalwarts again - from various disciplines of design share their motivational messages with you; their creativity and positive actions that will inspire you to hang in with gusto and bolster your inner self. Stay tuned in to our YouTube channel. If you've yet to subscribe, do so now and you'll get notified as soon as the first of the series goes live.

In this issue, we are also proud to showcase some young talent - Saniya Kantawala and Saheba Singh, who are making a sure-footed mark on the hospitality industry. Their youthful ways and sense of style is commendable. Do checkout both restaurant designs - one in Mumbai and the other in Tokyo.

Stay informed. Stay inspired! Until next week...

Savitha Hira



IAnD Exclusive
Influencing societal change
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IAnD Exclusive
Losing Steam
Starting today, in the first of our series ‘Nostalgia’, IAnD speaks to Ar. Gurjit Singh Matharoo, who goes down memory lane and shares with us a story that is also a part of an upcoming book of stories on Matharoo projects called 'wit-ness to mat-haroo (hindi) spirit of endeavours'. G in the story is Gurjit.
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Creating Digital Memories
Mumbai’s restaurant scene is ever-changing. And no, it’s not just the food that is trending. Interior designer Saniya Kantawala curates ‘The Terrace’ to be the next Instagram magnet.
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The dynamics of creativity
Chitte Architects design an upbeat office for themselves, drawing inspiration from cave dwellings to create the dynamics conducive to a creative atmosphere…
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In case you missed it earlier.

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A contemporary nod to historic origins
In the heart of Cologne, Studio Modijefsky keeps intact a sliver of history with their design for a bakery-turned-restaurant ‘Otto’s Burger’, recapturing quaint charm in a modern setting.
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In case you missed it earlier.
Somerset Museum's latest inclusion is an ode to the story of gardening
From the walled gardens of Pompeii to the minimalist and contemporary landscapes of the present, Studio Kossmanndejong designs the museum of gardens - expressing through art, media and nature the relevance of gardens today…
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In case you missed it earlier.
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In case you missed it earlier.
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